Story and Illustration by Maroe Susti


Gorgeous digitally illustrated children story is both in English and Spanish for younger readers (4-8). Take a trip to the oceans depths with Mr. Green fish, Ms. Jellyfish and Octonio de octopus. A "color" ful lesson for younger readers.
   This is a new, delightful application specifically developed to help children between the ages of 4 and 8 learn about colors via three charming, bilingual stories that follow the life of three different sea creatures. Each screen has side-by-side English and Spanish text, and features gorgeous, colorful graphics that are adorably kid-friendly. Sea Colours is perfect for child/parent bonding and for youngsters who are just learning to read.

En Español e Inglés. Maravillosamente illustrada; esta historia en rima descubre las profundidades del océano con el Señor Pez Verde, la Señorita Malaguín y el jóven pulpo Antonio. Una lección de color para lectores jóvenes.

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Downloading the interactive PDF to your desktop will keep the interactivity intact. Watching the PDF online loses the interactions behaving as a basic PDF.

Looks very good on ipad and tablets


Si Descarga el PDF interactivo al su desktop se mantienen las interacciones. Si ve el PDF en linea la interaccion se pierde comportandose como un PDF basico.

Se ve muy bien en ipad y tabletas

Some of the features in Sea Colours/Los Colores del Mar include:
* Gorgeously illustrated and very easy to use
* Perfect for children who are between the ages of 4 and 8
* Separate section for learning about colors in English and/or Spanish
* 3 bilingual stories for reading or learning to read in English and/or Spanish
* Adorable story lines and pictures!
* Promotes bonding time

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